At IMG Institute we design programs for individuals and organizations striving to rise up to their full potential. Whether you are suiting up for the board room or the game, an IMG Institute program can help you enhance your personal and professional performance.


The High Performance Mindset Methodology:

We have identified a series of guiding principles for high performers that separate the best from the rest. Our team of expert coaches will teach you ‘how’ and will share the tools and techniques required to be successful and to get results.

High Performers GROW.

They are highly motivated, coachable and always adapt to their situation. They always want to get better.

High Performers PERFORM.

Whether under pressure or not, they know how to manage their thoughts and energy to perform consistently at their best, every time.

High Performers LEAD.

They positively impact themselves and others whether they formally lead a team, or simply lead by example.




"Open to learn"

An individual’s openness to learn and awareness of opportunities to grow.


"It's a choice"

A voluntary perspective an individual takes regarding their world view.


"Know your why"

The motives that drive an individual’s actions.


"Prepare with purpose"

Purposeful preparation in training and competition to maximize performance.


"Find a way"

The ability to adjust and thrive in a changing environment.




"Target focused"

The ability to direct your attention to the
appropriate cues, at the appropriate time.


"Manage your energy"

The ability to regulate your energy to the optimal level.


"It starts with you"

Self-belief behind an individual’s expectations
of success.


"Choose to respond"

The ability to perform and compete in the face
of pressure.


"Repetition builds habits"

The ability to replicate optimal performance.




"Define yourself"

yourself and the impression you make on other people.


"Bridge the gap"

The ability to build rapport and develop a relationship with others.


"To the point"

The ability to deliver and receive the right messages.


"Light the fire"

To share and excite others to action.


"Let 'em go"

To equip and enable others to act.


Program Delivery:

The High Performance Mindset series is presented in a variety of settings to help your team meet their ultimate mental mindset:



Half Day

Book an IMG Institute coach for a special event. Our keynote session provides an overview of the High Performance Mindset, briefly covering all elements within the program: Grow, Perform, and Lead.

A half-day program will include three sessions, covering one principle from each HPM element:

Grow: Coachablity

Perform: Composure

Lead: Identity

One Day

Two Day

A one day program will cover seven sessions, includng two principles from each HPM element:

Grow: Coachability

Grow: Motivation & Readiness

Perform: Concentration & Control

Perform: Consistency

Lead: Identity

Lead: Connection,

Application and Reflection

A two day program will cover fourteen sessions, including five principles from each HPM element:

Grow: Coachability

Grow: Motivation & Readiness

Perform: Concentration & Control

Perform: Consistency

Lead: Identity

Lead: Connection

Application and Reflection

Grow: Attitude

Grow: Adaptability

Perform: Composure

Perform: Confidence

Lead: Communication

Lead: Inspiration & Empowerment

Action Plan