“My experience with IMG was perfect and they not only helped me mentally prepare for the NFL combine, but they also prepared me for life inside and outside of the NFL. With all the elite players that have come through IMG, they have a great understanding of how best to prepare you. Mentally, I feel like I’ve definitely grown and continue to grow, and that’s the exciting part about it. When you’re prepared, you’re never nervous and that’s the way I feel.”

Russell Wilson

QB – Wisconsin/ Seattle Seahawks, Pro Bowler


“IMG's staff was brought in to assist with improving the performance of the instructors and staff at the Naval Special Warfare Center. With a deep understanding of what we did, IMG's staff came in with relevant information and exercises, which in turn elevated our entire organization. I would recommend any individual or organization wanting to improve their game, whatever it is, to seek out IMG.” 

Gary Denham

Former Director of Instructor Development for NSWCenter

"IMG offers insight and unparalleled experience in an area that I think corporations lack in training and support for their teams. The High Performance Mindset training offered our team valuable training in understanding the way they process information and approach their day from the task level to the goal level. I would recommend this to any corporate group looking for a way to better develop their people and provide them with information that will not only help them at work but in their everyday lives."

Brian Murphy

President and CEO - ReliaQuest


"The workshop brought people together from several stages of their career and allowed us to bond for a weekend as a group. The workshop also allowed us as consultants to answer why we do this as well as give us new ideas on how to work in the field of sport psychology."

Amanda Myhrberg

PhD Student in Sport Psychology

Florida State University